icon Management and Control of the system

As with any other industrial process, even during the coating process it is important to keep the operating costs, the working conditions of the system and the production batches monitored. Our systems are equipped with a command and control system with PLC compliant with the requirements of the Industria 4.0 innovation project.

Monitoring Software

Starting from an initial data input (order, customer, color, active operators) the software, thanks to the constant communication with the PLC, detects all the process parameters of each processing phase. 
Highly customizable, through the touch screen of the control panel you have access to the position of the orders in progress, the number of hangers processed, the loading/unloading start and end times, the creation of new recipes, the generation of reports and much more.

Electrical Panel With Touch Screen

Through the touch screen of our control panels, it is possible to control and view all the parts that make up the coating system, the utilities and their operation.

The system is user-friendly and multilingual. In addition to this, a remote control allows our specialized technicians to monitor the system and provide immediate remote support.