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Eurocar is the industrial coating system for large metal products for semi-automatic coating of bulky pieces which, due to their size, are difficult to move using a traditional monorail overhead conveyor.

The system uses a shifter of the pieces in step to support all types of products consisting of two monorail tracks connected together by a system of hangers.

This special conveyor moves automatically, advancing in timed steps for the execution of the various processing phases throughout the coating cycle.

The complete Standard system consists of at least six stations:

  • loading area
  • pretreatment tunnel
  • drying oven
  • pressurized cabin for powder application
  • polymerization oven
  • unloading area 

When the space of the plant allows it, the coating system develops in line. The operators, with the help of forklifts, hang the pieces to be coated on the hangers in the loading area. At the end of the storage process, the hangers advance one step and transport the pieces to the phospho-degreasing/rinsing booth. At the end of the washing, the automatic doors open simultaneously and the hangers move forward a further stage for the subsequent phases of drying, coating in the pressurized booth, curing, cooling and unloading.

The shifter is timed to advance by one step (and therefore by a process phase) according to a predetermined time depending on the time of application of the coat and the time of polymerization. The frequency of advancement is customizable.

The system and the phases of the entire coating cycle can in fact be commanded and controlled through an electrical panel equipped with a touch-screen panel that allows you to set the different cycles, check any anomalies, check consumption and monitor any occurrence.

When the space of the plant does not allow linear development, the coating system becomes compact and develops on two parallel lines.  
If the pieces to be treated require customized treatments, the Eurocar coating system integrates with several stations in sequence.

Eurocar is suitable for coating considerable quantities of pieces that are difficult to move through a traditional continuous monorail overhead conveyor. In fact, the loading of the piece on two parallel tracks allows to safely balance even the hanging of heavy pieces with distributed weight up to 200 lbs/ft.

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